Basic facts about Canal Pop


Canal Pop is the name chosen by the electropop producer (and label owner) Emiliano Canal, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to release his material.

Canal Pop’s music can be described as “catchy pop songs with intelligent lyrics”, and this is because Emiliano has a remarkable ear for catchy choruses and hit melodies, the kind of music that sticks to your head after hearing it on the radio.

Emiliano also writes the lyrics, and while English is not his native language (people speak Spanish in Argentina) his lyrics are full of play of words and they usually tell stories.

Emiliano doesn’t really sing, so Canal Pop features different singers that take care of vocals. Gaby Laguzzi recorded several songs for the We Never Play Live In Buenos Aires EP. Bea (Conenna, from New York City) recorded the vocals for the catchy single “Ecstatic Days”. In 2009 Canal Pop and Lara Sambert made An Electro Tribute To Oasis, covering hits by the Gallagher brothers’ band (their version of “Stand By Me” was chosen “song of the day” at, the most influential portal about pop music in the UK). Polette (a session singer who shared stages with Shakira and Deep Purple) recorded the vocals for the EP High Class Girls & Lo Fi Boys (2012) and for the 2014 single “I Want You (To Be My Baby)”. Singer and model Josefina Aufranc sung on the singles “I Feel Love” and “Come To My World” (2015).




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